Sleeping Bag (Customizable) hidey for cage shelves


The Sleeping Bag is hidey cage accessory similar to the hideout hammock. It’s an alternative to igloos or huts and can be secured to a shelf tray rather than hanging from the cage bars. Great for critters that love to burrow like ferrets and pet rats. 

Currently available for the Midwest Critter Nation / Ferret Nation’s mid-level shelf trays. Approximately 18 x 24″

Fabric Type (Exterior)

Choose a fabric type for the outside of your hammock or hideout.

Flannel (100% Cotton) Flannel is a brushed cotton fabric that is soft with a crisp print.
Fleece (100% Polyester) Anti-pill fleece is a polyester fabric that is much thicker, super cozy, and doesn't fray.

Fleece Color (Interior/Bottom)

Option for hammock and hideout interiors or cage liner bottom.

Full-Blown Black
Chivalrous Charcoal
Gloomy Grey
Foggy Light Gray
Timeworn Taupe
Cool Whipped Cream
Wooly White
Grizzly Bear Brown
Burnt Orange
Optimist Orange
Dazzling Dark Red
Rampant Red
Cozy Coral
Hotshot Hot Pink
Primrose Pink
Powderpuff Pink
Moody Maroon
Flashy Fuchsia
Posh Purple
Lovely Lilac
Noble Navy
Light Navy
Brilliant Blue
Upbeat Blue
Baby Blue
Temperate Teal
Tranquil Turquoise
Mellow Mint
Forest Grove Green
Organic Olive
Grass Green
Lucid Lime
Gleaming Gold
Sunshine Yellow
Pale Yellow


Matching Colored Grommets (pink, blue, orange, etc)
fleece loops, both ends sewn
Polypropylene webbing, both ends sewn
Polypropylene webbing and plastic snaps
Product price: $32.99
Total options:
Order total:


  • Fleece (100% Polyester)
  • Flannel (100% Cotton)
  • Elastic


  • Critter Nation mid-level shelf: 18" x 24"
  • Approximately 18oz

Additional information

Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 2 in

Critter/Ferret Nation middle shelf

Fabric Type (Outside)

Flannel, Fleece


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