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Customizable 4-Piece Hideout Set


Cute and comfy hideout set perfect for pet guinea pigs, hedgehogs, rats or similar small critters. Larger sizes are available for the slightly bigger critter like ferrets, rabbits or chinchillas. Species listed in size choices are only suggestions—please review the size selections below to decide which size is right for your pets.

Fabric Type (Exterior) *

Choose a fabric type for the outside of your hammock or hideout.

Flannel (100% Cotton) Flannel is a brushed cotton fabric that is soft with a crisp print.
Fleece (100% Polyester) Anti-pill fleece is a polyester fabric that is much thicker, super cozy, and doesn't fray.

Fleece Color (Interior/Bottom) *

Option for hammock and hideout interiors or cage liner bottom.

Color swatch image
Full-Blown Black
Color swatch image
Chivalrous Charcoal
Color swatch image
Gloomy Grey
Color swatch image
Foggy Light Gray
Color swatch image
Timeworn Taupe
Color swatch image
Cool Whipped Cream
Color swatch image
Wooly White
Color swatch image
Grizzly Bear Brown
Color swatch image
Burnt Orange
Color swatch image
Optimist Orange
Color swatch image
Dazzling Dark Red
Color swatch image
Rampant Red
Color swatch image
Cozy Coral
Color swatch image
Hotshot Hot Pink
Color swatch image
Primrose Pink
Color swatch image
Powderpuff Pink
Color swatch image
Moody Maroon
Color swatch image
Flashy Fuchsia
Color swatch image
Posh Purple
Color swatch image
Lovely Lilac
Color swatch image
Noble Navy
Color swatch image
Light Navy
Color swatch image
Brilliant Blue
Color swatch image
Upbeat Blue
Color swatch image
Baby Blue
Color swatch image
Temperate Teal
Color swatch image
Tranquil Turquoise
Color swatch image
Mellow Mint
Color swatch image
Forest Grove Green
Color swatch image
Organic Olive
Color swatch image
Grass Green
Color swatch image
Lucid Lime
Color swatch image
Gleaming Gold
Color swatch image
Sunshine Yellow
Color swatch image
Pale Yellow


Matching Colored Grommets (pink, blue, orange, etc)
fleece loops, both ends sewn
Polypropylene webbing, both ends sewn
Polypropylene webbing and plastic snaps

Potty Pad

for hideouts and hideout-like hammocks

Product price: $80.99
Total options:
Order total:

NOTE: If you need to mix sizes, please order the size with the largest item you need, and then message me to work on adjusted pricing. Or for X-small or X-large sizes, please message me.

Corner Cave: 13x9x6 Inches
Naptime Tent: 10x10x10 Inches
Snuggle Sack: 7w x 8d x 5h Inches
Tiny Tunnel: 12x6x5 Inches

Corner Cave: 15x11x7 Inches
Naptime Tent: 12x12x12 Inches
Snuggle Sack: 8w x 10d x 6h Inches
Tiny Tunnel: 14x7x6 Inches

Corner Cave: 16x12x8 Inches
Naptime Tent: 14x14x14 Inches
Snuggle Sack: 10w x 12d x 7h Inches
Tiny Tunnel: 16x8.5x7 Inches

Corner Cave: 18x13x9 Inches
Naptime Tent: 15x15x15 Inches
Snuggle Sack: Inches
Tiny Tunnel: 18x10x9 Inches

Patterned fleece is also available for the outside fabric instead of flannel upon request. Please see Available Fabrics for fleece options

View my Clasps category for clasp sets that make adding and removing your hammocks easier for cage cleanings.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in


Fabric Type (Outside)

Flannel, Fleece

Flannel (Outside)

~OTHER (Fleece), 3 Wishes Stars Purple, Alpine Chevron Blues & Green, Argyle Red Pink, Astro Mission, Astrology Blue, Avocato, Aztec Feathers, Aztec Llamas on Pink, Bats Hearts Pink (Cotton), Bias Stripe Pink Yellow, Biplanes On Green, Black and White Comic Blocks, Blue & Green Blackwatch Plaid, Blue & White Chevron, Blue Construction Stripes, Blue Green Bias Plaid, Books & Coffee Teal (Cotton), Bright Dinosaur Skeletons, Bright Floral, Bright Jungle, Buffalo Plaid Rainbow, Bunnies on Pastel Yellow, Burst Blue Tie-Dye, Butterflies & Leaves, Cactus Smiling Friends, Camelot Dragon Scene, Campfire S'mores, Chalk Drawing Hearts, Chic Sunglasses, Chinchillas & Daffodils (Cotton), Colorful Music, Comfy Cutest Hedgehogs, Comfy Pink Camo, Cosmic Foods, Cupcake Aqua Tie-Dye, D&D Dice & Swords Yellow (Cotton), Dino Dark Gray, Dinosaurs Medley Blue, Distressed Black Diagonal Plaid, Donut Worry, Dots On Texture Orange, Dots Sprinkled on Purple, Dragon Fire Blue & Green (Cotton), Dragonflies, Embroidery Floral Red Navy, Fall Forest Animals Cream, Ferrets Floral Lavender (Cotton), Ferrets on Teal (Cotton), Fire Breathing Dragons, Floral Hedgehog Blue, Floral Medallion Aqua, Floral Pink Yellow, Floral Rodents Black (Cotton), Floral Skulls Tossed, Fluffy Bunny Polka Dots, Forest Animals Pink, Forest Friends Yellow, Galaxy Lights, Game On! Gray, Geo Sharks, Girl Power, Greenhouse Backyard Grass, Guinea Pigs on Green (Cotton), Happy Hippos, Heart Rainbow, Hearts Allover Blue, Hot Pink & Black Plaid, Huntsmen Wildlife Green, I <3 Sports (Cotton), Intricate Floral Red, Irving St Flower Power, Itty Bitty Pink Elephants, Ladybug Treads, Late Night Galaxy, Lemons & Limes, Lemur Jungle, Level Up, Lime Green & Navy Plaid, Live Love Rescue, Madras Patch Pink, Medallions Green Owl Wonderful, Mice & Elephant Love Coral, Mice Tossed Blue, Military Max, Mimosa Daisies, Mini Geo Circles, Modern Floral Navy, Moths & Butterflies, Multi Geo Dots Pastel, Multicolored Bias Plaid, Multicolored Dinosaurs Toss Blue, Multicolored Feathers, Multicolored Reptiles, Mushroom Forest (Cotton), Narwhals on Pastel Stripes, Neon Plaid On Black, Nursery Rhyme Dot Gray, Oasis Fun Forest Friends Teal, Out of this World Lavender, Out Of This World Navy, Pastel Geometric Pattern, Pastel Polka Dots on Pink, Pastel Stripe Triangle, Pink & Grey Distressed Plaid, Pink & Periwinkle Stars, Pink Hearts, Pizza Rat Pastel Pink (Cotton), Pizzas in Space, Planets on Purple, Polka Dot Hearts Hot Pink, Pretty Bunnies on Pastel Pink, Rainbow Leopard, Rainbow Narwhals & Donuts, Rainbows Hearts & Stars, Rat Blobs Purple (Cotton), Red & Black Plaid, Red Polka Dots, Retro Rocketships, Rock & Roll, Roses Aqua, Science Lab Pink, Sea You There on Blue, Skateboarding Icons, Sketched Planets Mini, Spaceships & Planets, Sparkle Unicorn, Spooky Halloween, Spooky Monsters Lime, Spring Showers, Squirrel with Acorn, Sugar Gliders on Blue (Cotton), Sugar Skulls Tossed, Sunflower Blue New, Sunflowers on Aqua, Sunset Watercolor Stripes, Sunset Wilderness, Sushi Talk, Sweet Baby Elephants, Swimming Mermaid Silhouettes, Swimming Otters, Tacotastic, Teal Tree Frogs, Tie Dye Classic, Tigers on Black, Traditional Blue & Black Plaid, Traditional Camo, UFOs in Space, Unicorn Space Doodle, Unicorns In Space, Watercolor Rainbow Sky, Watermelon, What's Shakin' Bacon, Winter Polar Bears

Fleece (Outside)

~OTHER (Flannel), Afro Funk Geometric, Autumn Critters, B&W Cow Print, Baby Blue, Blizzard Dark Blue, Branches & Pinecones, Brilliant Blue, Burnt Orange, Chivalrous Charcoal, Cool Whipped Cream, Cozy Coral, Dazzling Dark Red, Deep Sea Sharks, Fall Pumpkins, Flashy Fuchsia, Foggy Light Gray, Forest Grove Green, Full-blown Black, Geometrics Blue, Gleaming Gold, Gloomy Grey, Gray Trellis, Grizzly Bear Brown, Guinea Pig Pink, Hawaiian Floral Purple, Hearts On Blue, Hedgehogs Black, Hotshot Hot Pink, Light Navy, Lovely Lilac, Lucid Lime, Mellow Mint, Neon Rings on Black, Neon Stars On Blue, Noble Navy, Northern Lights Fair Isle, Optimist Orange, Organic Olive, Pale Yellow, Polka Dot Pink, Posh Purple, Powder Puff Pink, Rainbow Comic, Raining Pink Hearts, Rampant Red, Red Lumberjack Plaid, Sacred Geometry Fleece, Skelanimals Scribble, Skullduggery Skulls, Sunshine Yellow, Temperate Teal, Terra Hieroglyphics, Timeworn Taupe, Tranquil Turquoise, Tropical Tie Dye, Upbeat Blue, Wooly White, Black White Triangles, Blue Gold Floral, Blue Patchwork Aztec, Boho Medallion Pink, Camouflage, Cheetah Pop, Christmas Plaid Green, Coral Floral on Navy, Fall Colors Plaid, Fall Field Mice, Fall Watercolor Floral, Gray Medallions, Happy Sky, Mint Black Plaid, Modern Dots, Oak Leaves Orange, Ombre Blue Stripe, Pink Camouflage, Plaid Green & Blue, Plaid Tattersall Black & Gray, Pretty Butterflies on Teal, Purple & Black Plaid, Red White Black Bias Plaid, Satellite Sketch, Serenity Floral Ombre, Shark Waves, Spacey Northern Lights, Spacey Pink & Purple, Super Star Unicorns, Teal & Black Plaid, Teal Orange Bias Plaid, Tie-Dye Swirls, Tropical Mosiac, Zentangle Pink

Inside Color

Full-blown Black, Chivalrous Charcoal, Gloomy Grey, Foggy Light Gray, Timeworn Taupe, Cool Whipped Cream, Wooly White, Grizzly Bear Brown, Burnt Orange, Optimist Orange, Cozy Coral, Hotshot Hot Pink, Primrose Pink, Dazzling Dark Red, Rampant Red, Moody Maroon, Flashy Fuchsia, Posh Purple, Lovely Lilac, Noble Navy, Light Navy, Brilliant Blue, Upbeat Blue, Baby Blue, Temperate Teal, Tranquil Turquoise, Mellow Mint, Forest Grove Green, Grass Green, Lucid Lime, Organic Olive, Gleaming Gold, Sunshine Yellow, Pale Yellow


Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Clasp Fixture

Matching Colored Grommets, Gold Grommets, Webbing Loop with Snaps, Webbing Loop without Snaps, Silver Grommets

Potty Pad

No Potty Pad, 1 Potty Pad, 2 Potty Pads


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