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4-Piece Hammock Set: Cactus Stripes (X-Large)

Grab this hammock bundle for a fun and cozy cage redecorating. This set is perfect for pet rats, ferrets, chinchillas or similar sized small critters. Interior and exterior fabrics are anti-pill fleece. These sets are great to customize your Double Critter Nation, Ferret Nation, Feisty Ferret or other small animal cage.


Metal clasps are NOT included. Please view my Add-on section to purchase.

Approximate dimensions:
Double Decker Hammock: X-Large (16 x 16 Inches)
Hideout Hammock: X-Large (16 x 16 Inches)
Humble Hammock: (X-Large 16 x 16 Inches)
Bunk Bed: X-Large (16 x 8 x 6 Inches)

Anti-pill fleece (100% polyester)
Polypropylene webbing
Plastic snaps

Total package weight (approx.):
1lb 12oz

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 4 in
Fleece (Outside)

Cactus Stripes

Fleece Color

Optimist Orange


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