I often get asked, “Why do you want pet rats?” or “How do you foster rats?” I always try to explain that rats have some of the best traits of cats and dogs—affectionate, playful, smart, clean, and to most rat owners, adorable. I got my first rats, Thor and Loki, my freshman year of college as pets since they needed little room in my apartment and could sleep the day away while I was in class. I adopted from a rescue called Rat Chick Rat Rescue in Philly and later began to foster when I heard they needed temporary homes. 

It’s been over 10 years since I adopted my first ratty boys. I have been fostering ever since and have welcomed so many heart rats into my family. They have brought me so much happiness, love, and heartbreak over the years. But I still get that fuzzy feeling whenever they do something super cute or I’m away for a day and they run up to the cage to greet me—or beg for treats.

I have two mischiefs at the moment, all lazy boys. I lovingly call them my monsters. Their names are Jeepers, Xeno, Falkor, and Curtis—and Cenobite, Stripe, Pazuzu, and Haku. If you can figure out where all those names are from, I applaud you.

My interest in small animals doesn’t end with rats. In recent years, I’ve begun fostering for a couple other rescues including Philly Rat Rescue, Helping All Little Furries/Pipsqueaks, and Atlantic Critter Rescue. After caring for guinea pigs and rabbits, I think my next critter to foster might be chinchillas. Or does anyone have a recommendation? 😉

I started Cozy Critter Cribs because I love decking out my boys’ cage with fun hammocks and hideouts. I hope to continue to support local—and worldwide small pet rescues out as well. And I also love how wonderful, helpful, and passionate small pet communities can be. I hope to bring that community feeling into Cozy Critter Cribs and give thanks and recognition to other volunteers, handcrafters, and artists.

And of course, I want all your critters to have a cozy, enriching living environment where they’ll feel happy and loved. 💜

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